Enneagram Subtypes: Point Seven Handbook

By Peter O'Hanrahan
© 2012

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"Maybe because they are “expanded” mental types, looking at the
subtypes of Seven opens up such a wealth of information, not only
psychological, but social and cultural as well. Since the ‘60’s and 70’s (some would say since the Renaissance), Sevens have become an increasingly powerful force in the intellectual life and the economic life of our world. As we move from the industrial age into the information age, the social contract demands increasing adaptability, change becomes a constant in most people’s lives, and the strengths and liabilities of the Seven style come to the fore."

The definitive article on type Seven subtypes? Maybe, but at the least it's a set of interesting descriptions – the gourmand, the adventurer, and the social visionary –  backed up by interviews with Sevens. Here is the good news and the not so good news – the problem being the emotional habit of gluttony.

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