Instinctual Subtypes in Relationships Handbook

27 Paths in Life and Subtypes in Relationship
by Peter O'Hanrahan
© 2013

Available in English, Spanish and French

"The great value of the Enneagram is to bring self-awareness about our personality type and subtype so we make more informed choices about where and how we spend our attention and energy in daily life. How do automatic patterns and scripts control us? How does our path in life represent our true selves? How can we discern what is authentic and what is not? At the meeting of spirit and biology, the study of instinctual subtypes helps us to engage the process of individuation and break free of the box of our conditioning. At the same time it supports us in honoring our own personal story and the stories of the people in our lives."

This handbook describes the 27 instinctual subtypes and focuses on the three subtype groups self preservation, one-to-one, and social and their issues in relationships, with descriptions and practical suggestions for the six relationship combinations.

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Table of Contents (updated version 3.0)                                                                                         
Subtypes and your path in life                        2

How to discover your subtype                        6

Self preservation subtypes                             7

Social subtypes                                                9

One-to-one subtypes                                     12

A short questionnaire about instincts           15


Subtypes styles in relationship                     17

Self Preservation types                                 22

Social types                                                    29

One-to-one types                                           35


General Relationship Tips                              39


Subtype Combinations in Relationship

Self pres with Self pres                                  40

Self pres with Social                                       42

Self pres with One-to-one                              47

Social with Social                                            52

Social with One-to-one                                   55

One-to-one with One-to-one                          61

Working with all three of our instincts          65

Subtype styles and domains                           79

Subtype Charts                                                87   

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